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Madina Enterprises Noor

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Full Stack Developer
Faiz Ahmad
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Madina Enterprises

Madina Enterprises is a Valley Entity that was founded by our beloved Mr. K.A.TUREY which has its roots in the agrochemicals fields. They are one of the pioneer distributors in Kashmir valley having extensive experience and expertise spanning over 35+ years in the field of agrochemical providing plant products and marketing. They have 35 years of experience in the agrochemical field. Madina Enterprises (L.NO.693) has been listed with the TOP ranking in the Kashmir valley. They are committed to maintaining industry standards and best practices for pollution-free production activity and making certain that our products are environmentally safe and secure.

Technologies in Use
These are the technologies i have used in this project.
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
    • BOOTSTRAP 4*
    • JQUERY
    • PHP 7
    • LARAVEL 7
    • MYSQL
Do you have any doubt about what these technologies are or why do i use them for this project? Start a Live Chat, i am online and ready to help you.